Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sketchbook Weigh-In!

Hey guys and gals, not an art update, but you'll probably find it fun anyways!

Ever since I got serious about completing sketchbooks, filling up every page front and back, i've been curious about how much weight gets added to the book in the end from all the pencil and ink, and even mucky hand grime, ew!

I tended to forget about doing it until i was already well into the book so i could never get a base weight, but luckily my most recently completed 4x7in book came in a 2-pack! So I had one brand new book and one filled to the gills. I took 'em to the post office for my experimentation. (I wish i had better picture documentation...)

I weighed the unused book(pictured on left) and got 11.9 oz. Pretty nice!
I weighed the filled book(pictured on right) and got a surprising 12.6 oz.!! Whoa!

That's almost a whole ounce of ink, graphite, tape, glue, and random bits of paper...and don't forget mysterious grime from who knows where~ ugh!

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